Friday, May 17, 2013

Why do you even care? A reaction to Chrissy Teigen's slut shaminghypocrisy.

By now many people have heard through celebrity gossip blogs and news sites that model Chrissy Teigen called MTV's Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, a "whore." You may have also read that in response Chrissy was called out for "slut-shaming."  I went to look up the words slut and whore and I have come to the conclusion that they basically mean the same thing: loose sexual morals (a highly relative idea, definition and label). The only real difference is that a whore gets paid for what a slut does for free. So with that clarified I will move forward with my reaction to Chrissy's slut-shaming antics.

The first thing I am going to say, is actually a question. Why does Chrissy even care about the actions of another woman who has no influence on her, so much so, to the point to take to Twitter to call this woman out her name and tear her down? That's really what I want to know.  Chrissy Teigan's antics are revealing about herself and how she relates to other women and how patriarchy has influenced her thinking, even if it's just the way she treats women she has deemed a "whore."

When Chrissy was called out for her slut-shaming, she got really defensive and dissed more women, dissed feminism and ultimately acted like a hypocritical bully. I call her a hypocrite because Chrissy herself has many commercial images (pictures she has been paid to take) where she is scantily clad in sexually suggestive poses, which according to the definition I spoke of above makes her just as much of a whore as Farrah. I hate that I feel compelled to even say that because I don't intend to slut-shame Chrissy and I do not AT ALL think that Chrissy is bad or deserving of embarassment for her pictures or profession. However, I have to call out the hypocrisy.

I am not offended by so-called loose sexual morals, especially when they do not affect my life. If you want to be promiscuous or whatever, as long as you don't hurt yourself or others, I'm not going to shame you or call you out or even make a noise about your actions. I just want my fellow woman to be healthy and safe with her sexuality.

I am not angry at Chrissy. I am angry that women's sexuality is a commodity used to degrade women, divide women and therefore oppress women. Had Chrissy dissed the social institution of commercialized sexism, where young women are raised up in a culture that will simultaneously promote loose sexual morals and then degrade you for acting out or manifesting that mindset, she would have made a far wider and much more meaningful impact. But what she really was doing was just hating on Farrah Abraham for whatever her reasons may be.

What Chrissy did was buy into and enforce patriarchal and highly oppressive standards of women's sexuality which in turn divided and misguided women into focusing on reacting to each other instead of reacting to commercialized/institutionalized sexism. I can tell by Chrissy's Twitter responses that she has put up a wall and dug in her heels instead of being open to being educated about the idea of what slut-shaming is and how at the end of the day she too is affected by slut-shaming.

The real shame is that instead of using what Chrissy obviously deemed as her moral superiority to privately reach out to Farrah or even publicly so, in an attempt to guide her away from acting like a "whore" (which would have been the wise thing to do or at least a more uplifting thing to do) she made a choice to degrade Farrah using extremely oppressive language and tactics by trying to publicly humiliate Farrah.

People ask me all the time when I state an opinion, "Why do you care?" And so I pose this same question to Chrissy. Why do you care about what Farrah Abraham does to the point that you took to a public social media forum to degrade her? And when you reflect on why you care so much, I hope that you truly care more about women in general and begin a process of educating yourself on the way in which this world, this country, this culture and this celebrity industry that you profit from is used to keep women oppressed and confused.

Coming from a loving place.

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