Monday, February 18, 2013

Jen the Pen

Dear Jen the Pen,

It's really annoying that I have to write this letter and school you up on something that I would think you would already know. Being white in Hip Hop is a privilege not a right. Hip Hop, a culture, a way of life borne from the souls of brutally oppressed young people of color, is not a commodity for you to appropriate and capitalize off of. You better check your spot and your privilege. I say this as one white woman to another because I don't think that it's any other person's responsibility except for a white sister's to put you up on game. Black women have enough on their spiritual plate to have to take the time to learn you about some ish you should already know.

Now I can see why you got heated. Another chick telling you your man was creeping! That's painful and would have made me go bad too. But never ever would I say such a thing to my black sister who already has the weight of the world on her shoulders. In fact if I believe that I'm going to get a job over my girl because I am white and she is black, I don't want that job!! The only thing a white woman in Hip Hop should use her whiteness for is to open up doors that will help our black family smash on white supremacy.

That whiteness you bragged on, that fatal system of patriarchal supremacy which will turn on your female ass so quick, that killing system you boasted about, whether in jest or not was stated to degrade a black woman who was trying to give your white ass a leg up in a man's world.

My advice to you Jen is that you apologize over and over until your jaw hurts. My advice to you is that you humble yourself and think about if some white boy told your black son he was about to be looked over because of his skin color. And one day if you and your dude have a black daughter I am positive you will have to comfort her because some ratchet white person told her the same garbage you spit out on your homegirl.

Coming from a loving place.


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