Monday, August 24, 2015

Creeping my Blog

I just wanted to say hello to all the assholes who creep my blog so they can troll me when I am talking politics on social media. Yes, I am a revolutionary and all my people are on that level. You want to call us hippies or thugs (whichever works for your argument). But what we are is truth tellers. We are not perfect but we are fighting for a world that is better then what was handed to us in hopes to pass off one that is better for our children. This is not an academic exercise or just an online debate it's a way of life. We raise our kids up in this way. So go look in the mirror and start with yourself if you even think about talking about me first and then maybe I could take you seriously. Until then you are just a mean spirited troll with nothing to do.
And yes, this is coming from a loving place. 

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

An Open Letter to Revolutionary Men hating on Caitlyn Jenner.

I have spent much of my day reading online/social media discussions lead by straight activist men trying to direct women and the trans community on how to feel about Caitlyn Jenner. And because some spaces were not meant for me I refrained from responding. However, I am here on my own blog and so I am claiming this space to tell you to chill out.

I see avenues of the white mans narrative (sexism, transphobia) in control right now with your objections and reactions to others feeling pride for Caitlyn Jenner.  I see you telling women to be angry at other women and prophecies being delivered that trans and cis women specifically white women versus black women and cis versus trans women will hate each other very soon. Or proclaiming which women should be or should not be supporting other women coming out in their truth. Patriarchy is a motherfucker and just like white privilege slips into the white feminists POV even though she herself is a target of oppression so does patriarchy slip into the male revolutionary's mindset. 

How about this? Women in general and the trans community as a whole will let YOU know how they plan to handle this nuanced situation regarding Caitlyn Jenner.  Our discussion is personal and not  meant for you. As an ally of women and the trans community you need to fall back and wait for your instructions on what we need from you.  I am confident we have enough brainpower and guts to handle ourselves. The trans community have been talking about race and class privilege and they have been talking about Jenner's problematic public impact. So no this is not about you. Please get your attention-seeking drama out of the way so we can actually do some work. 

Coming from a place of love. As always. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Girl Power, Riley Curry, Girl Power!

Can a child be a child anymore? Or must the child be a brand ripe for making money by the American capitalist media?

Sports media has used Steph Curry's daughter, Riley, as tabloid fodder in so many ways over the past 48 hours that this reason alone is why I now hope Steph Curry never brings her back to another press conference. Which is a shame. But if he decides to bring her every time from now on I will applaud that as well! I also hope that he knows his child was behaving normal and age appropriately and while for a press person it may have been more difficult than when a child is not present to extract answers from Steph that her presence was totally okay in fact it was downright Girl Power! 
Riley Curry winning!

Considering my family is filled with sports junkies I have over the span of my life seen multitudes of pressers with children and this is the first that has received so much negative attention. This is what I would call fake drama. Literally some bullshit made up to stir up crisis. 

What I have to conclude is that we are witnessing the deeply rooted subconscious social conditioning/intersectionality of sexism and racism being played out in the negative reactions by the media and others to this little black girl who dare to be her damn self. She is literally being stereotyped and shamed in one swoop and I am disgusted yet depressingly not shocked that at 2 years old Riley Curry has already unknowingly faced her first round of the racist patriarchy that will forever be an obstacle in her life.

At one moment during the press conference Riley was waving to the audience and her father briefly thought about stopping her and instead checked himself allowing his daughter be her authentic 2 years old self! Thank you dad for letting your daughter have her voice!

The deep and troubling systemic problem that black females face in a country built on a racist, sexist, homophobic patriarchal foundation which stereotypes some of them literally to death was just played out in such a somewhat passive aggressive manner that I personally almost let it slip by without calling out what was really happening because it took me a moment to articulate what I felt. In a world where girls are THE MOST oppressed group of humans ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET, have some chill you impatient uncouth sports reporters who are trying to silence this toddler. 

Steph and Ayesha Curry are doing a flipping fabulous job if that was Riley Curry tired at two years old! 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

HRC is not my champion!

Hillary Rodham Clinton's run for the Democratic presidential nomination is not groundbreaking. If she succeeds it is not a victory for women. It is not revolutionary. It will not change the status quo. HRC represents exactly what is wrong with the  U.S. political system: socio-economic political power is held by an EXTREMELY small amount of people whom use their influence to keep their family in power. HRC has no plans to revolutionize the status quo for the women of this country. She will continue to do what she has always done- up hold the dominant paradigm. Reading her praises as posted and blogged and stated by other women whom call themselves feminist makes my eyes roll so far back into my head that for a moment the physical pain is actually helping me to forget the spiritual and emotional pain I feel from having to be subjected to such unenlightenment.  If you as a feminist think HRC is good for the United States you are unenlightened to the reality of capitalism for which HRC and her family are truly champions of and the toll that it takes on low income women/girls, women/girls of color, LGBTQ women/girls, undocumented women/girls, single/teen mothers and all the other women and girls that capitalism burdens itself to. HRC is not a champion of the people. She is a champion of American capitalism. She is a champion of American imperialism and manifest destiny. We don't need her to break the glass ceiling so that she can step aside and allow the shards of glass to stab us all in the back.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Asking a foreign leader to come to your nation's capital and give a condescending speech about foreign policy is the act of a desperate political party whose priority it is to disrespect their president as opposed to respecting their people. Iran is not even a primary factor in why ISIS exists. The GOP relies on ignorance in order to further its agenda. They allowed BN to use them for his own political purposes. How pathetic.

Monday, February 23, 2015

An Open Letter to Patricia Arquette on dangerous well meaning intentions or what I like to call White Feminism.

Please know that what I am about to say is coming from a place of love.

Academy Awards 2015
I did not watch the Academy Awards. I did learn about your acceptance speech via social media. I then found a clip of your full acceptance speech and of your press room remarks and watched them in their entirety. When you began to speak about mothers and taxpayers and citizens and how it is time to fight for wage equality I began to cringe. Your remarks came across as narrow or superficial. I know that you meant well. I know that you were sincere. Quite frankly that is what makes your remarks so dangerous. And these are my thoughts after having heard just your acceptance speech. However, I then heard your press room conference. I was mortified at your comments. White women fall just under white men on the totem pole of oppression. If I must clarify for you, white men are at the top of said totem pole. I myself being an anti-racist feminist who is a white woman believes I have a special role to play in the reality of social justice. My role as an anti-racist feminist is to school white women such as yourself who have such privilege and such power and such access on their so called well-meaning yet highly dangerous positions on social justice; stances that ignore intersectionality and reinforce dominant norms. Yes, while you believed you were fighting for liberation you were in fact affirming the status quo on so many levels.

I know you may already be aware of the backlash against what you said. And you may be unclear as to why there is a backlash. Well let me tell you why: To stand up on your very public podium and proclaim to millions of viewers that it is now time for people of color along with the gay community to fight for equal pay for women because people like you (affluent white women) have already fought for them as though these communities are even close to being done for fighting for their civil rights was uninformed at best. Like what does that even mean?  Have you turned on the news lately? Black people are being murdered by police without consequence on almost a daily basis. And there are states presently trying to enact laws making gay marriage illegal as to erode any legislation that already stated they have the right.  While you fight for wage equality at the million dollar mark, there are millions of WOC who are fighting just to find a job at all. Because when jobs get sparse guess who are the first to get laid off? And when the jobs start to come back guess who are the last to get hired?

Your well meaning-ness is dangerous. It reinforces the United States ruling class capitalist narrative that divides people instead of bringing them together. You chastised two communities that are highly targeted by FATAL oppression and discrimination as though they are slacking in their social justice game even though they are probably two of the biggest targets outside of indigenous Americans.

It is my hope that you will read more, listen more and learn more about the social justice movement and all it's intersections so that you may refine and inform your position in such a way that you are an ally who is beneficial and not detrimental. Your power and access to a platform that reaches so many makes you a crucial factor. 

As always coming from a loving place.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Collective trauma coupled with enabled revenge

Watching Voices of Auschwitz seriously schools me on the collective trauma experienced by German Jews. Couple this trauma with their acceptance and indoctrination into global white privilege/white supremacy it is very easy to see how the current state of Israel has turned into the very entity that murdered their people.